The program of science celebrates its 13th season.

The journalist and mathematician Adrian Paenza, who has become a true icon of scientific communication and was honored as the world’s greatest mathematics communicator in 2014, presents a challenge for restless minds every week. Lateral thinking problems which threaten common sense, stories involving numbers, geometrical figures, trajectories and spaces are a classic part of the Argentinian science program.

Besides, several columnists present the latest developments in different areas. To the contributions made by Fernando Lombardo (physics), Valeria Edelsztein (chemistry), Mariano Ribas (astronomy), Galo Soler Illia (nanotechnology), Pablo Pazos (geology) and Sebastián Apesteguía (paleontology), we can now add those of Sergio Wischñevsky (history) and Pedro Bekinschtein (neuroscience).

Since we believe that scientific knowledge has an impact on production, this year we will review those cases in which scientists and entrepreneurs work together in order to create companies whose added value is knowledge.

As every year, the program will continue visiting labs, universities and institutes in the country to show the creative capacity of men and women involved in science who seek to expand the frontiers of knowledge every day.

• 5 Martín Fierro Awards in 2003, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2014.
• TEA award to Journalistic Production on TV, in 2014.
• “Construyendo Ciudadanía en radio y televisión 2014” Award given by the AFSCA
Tato Award to the Best Cultural Program in 2011 and 2012
• Fund TV Awards in 2004, 2005 and 2007
• Fund TV “Extraordinario” Award in 2004
• Award from the “Muestra Iberoamericana de Televisión y Video Educativo, Científico y Cultural”, in 2006

Program Detail:

Seasons Year Produced Duration Channel/ Dial Premier
First Season 2003-2004  52 x 60´ Channel 7
Second Season 2004-2005  52 x 60´ Channel 7
Third Season 2005 26 x 60´ TELEFE
Fourth Season 2006 26 x 60´ TELEFE
Fifth Season 2007-2008 52 x 60´ Channel 7 TV Pública
Sixth Season 2008-2009 52 x 60´ Channel 7 TV Pública
Seventh Season 2009-2010 52 x 60´ Channel 7 TV Pública
Eighth Season 2010-2011 52 x 60´ Channel 7 TV Pública
Ninth Season 2011-2012 52 x 60´ Channel 7 TV Pública
Tenth Season 2012-2013 52 x 60´ Channel 7 TV Pública
Eleventh Season 2013-2014 52 x 60´ Channel 7 TV Pública
Twelfth Season 2014-2015 52 x 60´ Channel 7 TV Pública

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