There is no age to play!
There is no age to have fun!
There is no age to be happy!

“JUEGOS MAYORES”, a program starred by the elderly. Two teams, eight contestants and tons of humor in an entertaining show that brings the country together.

To reach the final with an edge over the rivals, the contestants will have to demonstrate their artistic talents. They will have to put their memory to the test and prove their wisdom. If they want to win, they will have to sing. In the great final humor is a must and absolute accuracy, extremely necessary!

“JUEGOS MAYORES” is a TV show for the whole family.

A great option for all where experience and the will to have fun are the key ingredients.

Hosted by Carla Conte and Sebastian Almada.

Program Detail:

Seasons Year Produced Duration Channel/ Dial Premier
First season 2015 24 x 78´ ACUA MAYOR