“Milagros en Campaña” seeks to shed light, through humor and irony, on a relatively unknown side of the political activity. The irruption of communication and image consultancy agencies, the consolidation of TV as an essential means to achieve greater visibility, the marketing and the emergence of social networks have definitely modified the way that politics is done.
The creation of candidates as massive consumption products is a tendency which has gained weight in relation to traditional ways of developing a political career. "Milagros en campaña" features the struggle between those two models of candidacy construction: doing whatever it takes to gain a foothold in the media and the idea that the electorate can still be persuaded ignoring the most effective tools of communication.
"Milagros en campaña” makes use of humor to reveal a conflict between people with different visions who are nevertheless united by a common goal. It is the staging of a contemporary dilemma which has existed for centuries: the endless dichotomy between the means and the end.
The conflict between the values of its protagonists reflects the dramatic tension in “Milagros en campaña”: a presidential candidate expecting to prevail through the strength of his ideas and proven track record, and a political marketing expert willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.
“Milagros en Campaña” puts forward an entertaining and sensible view of how the world of political decision making, which has a significant impact on the lives of millions of people, can be affected by standards corresponding to the entertaining world unrelated to state issues.
The confirmation that a candidate’s visibility is determined by his media strategy, his ability to fully expose his private life and his capacity to elaborate his own mythical description are the guiding principles of this story.
"Milagros en campaña" is not a true story but intends to offer a perspective in the light of which reality can be grasped.

Cast: Osmar Nuñez, Viviana Saccone, Roberto Carnaghi, Gimena Accardi, Alexia Moyano, Héctor Diaz, Silvia Bayle and cast.
Screenwriters: Jorge Maestro and Sergio Vainman
Direction: Martín Mariani
Executive production: Susana Rudni
General production: Claudio Martinez and Aldo Fernández Sánchez

Program Detail:

Seasons Year Produced Duration Channel/ Dial Premier
Single season 2015 13 x 48´ Canal 9 Buenos Aires