PRODUCTIONS - DESAFIO 20.19 (20.19 Challenge)

Marcelo Zlotogwiazda´s Program
Fith season – Monday 22hs C5N
With the participation of José Natanson

Challenge 20.19 is hot information with a deep look.
The possibility of finding the topics that society debates with the protagonist voice and the perspective of analyst and experts of the academic world.
The experience and credibility of a journalistic team that tells the reality without shortcuts or stridency.

Program Detail:

Seasons Production year Extention Channel / Signal Premiere
First Season 2015 23 x 60´ C5N
Second Season 2016 52 x 60´ C5N
Third Season 2017 52 x 60´ C5N
Fourth Season 2018 52 x 60´ C5N
Fifth Season 2019 on the air C5N