PRODUCTIONS - LA LIGA DE LA CIENCIA (The league of science)

Andrés Rieznik y María Eugenia López lead “La Liga de la Ciencia” (“The league of science”) a program dedicated to the world that seeks to bring to the forefront the ideas, creativity and passion of all those who produce research in science and technology.
“La liga de la ciencia” its a cycle that go through two genders at the same time: it is a journalistic program that shows the potencial of Argentine science and at the same time it is an outreach program that sheds light on a large and small unknowns of the world of knowledge, using different formats such as animations, live experiments, columns and master compact classes.
“La liga de la ciencia” is a Young profile program. The hostes are active scientist who represent a generation of disseminators who, in addition to traditional media, they use the web and social networks to transmit their message of astonishment, curiosity and claim for critical thinking.

With the participation of:
Valeria Edelzstein, Mariano Ribas, Pedro Beckinstein, Cindy Fernández, Sergio Wischñevsky, Pablo Pazos and Ionatan Perez.

For: TV Pública Argentina.
Schedule: Saturday at 19hs.
Seasons: 2017/2018/2019

• Martín Fierro - Mejor Programa Cultural Educativo 2018
• FUND TV – Mejor Programa en el rubro Ciencia, Naturaleza y Ambiente