This series led by Alberto Rojo has as conceptual exis to reveal the relevance and presence of physics in the daily universe.
The starting point of each of the chapters is a fiction situation, of cinematographic treatment, starring by several characters.
In each chapter, when the characters cross-wise some physics concept, the scene is interrupted by the appearance of the physicist Alberto Rojo. Rojo es the main conductive thread of the series, which enters the fictional universe to complete, correct or put in conflicto the content of the scene. With a passionate look and a personal and autobiographical story, Rojo invites the characters to cross the threshold, quit fiction and be part of interviews with renowned academics; of simple experiments, of informative tablets and dissertations about physics.

Chapter 1- Light and sound waves
Chapter 2 – The movement
Chapter 3 – Electricity
Chapter 4 – Material fracture
Chapter 5 – Gravitational forces
Chapter 6 – Forensic Physics
Chapter 7 – The speed of light
Chapter 8 – Quantic Physics